Sustainability Across Enbridge

Our attention to environmental, social and governance matters extends beyond our priority focus areas to include a number of other topics important to our stakeholders which enable us to continually improve our sustainability performance.

Here are some highlights. For more, please see our Annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

Employee Relations

People are the foundation of our success.

Ride to Conquer Cancer

None of what Enbridge has achieved so far—or will accomplish in the future—is possible without our people. Today, there are about 15,000 people on the Enbridge team, living and working in communities across North America. We are focused on keeping our people safe and healthy, developing and training them, and promoting diversity, inclusion and respect.

28% of our managers are women

Over the past year, our focus has been on the integration of Enbridge and Spectra Energy and supporting our people as they have adjusted to new teams, new roles and new ways of working, and to building a strong culture grounded in our values of integrity, safety and respect.

Environmental Management Systems

We take a systems-based approach to environmental protection.

We recognize that protecting our natural resources, enhancing biodiversity and supporting conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and we integrate these concepts into our business decision-making and daily operations.

In executing projects, we use leading construction practices and we are committed to identifying, mitigating and proactively managing any potential negative impacts to the environment. Enbridge has a long history of environmental stewardship, underpinned by adherence to established and evolving regulatory processes, as well as our own corporate policies and procedures.

Commitment to our Environment

~$1.1 million in Ecofootprint grants to support 17 community-led environmental projects in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Customer Relations

Listening and responding to our customers’ needs is a fundamental priority for us.

We have a wide range of customers—from energy producers who ship their products on our oil and gas transportation networks; to refiners and processors; to the residential, commercial and industrial customers who consume the natural gas we distribute.

Safe, reliable operations combined with responsive customer service help us retain existing customers and attract new business. Both are critical elements of our business success and essential for creating long-term value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

As Canada’s largest natural gas distribution provider, we serve approximately 3.7 million retail customers.

Supply Chain Management

We work with suppliers to advance our sustainability performance.

Our supply chain—organizations that provide materials, goods or services to Enbridge, including contractors, subcontractors, vendors and consultants—plays a key role in our ability to live up to our social responsibility commitments and attain our sustainability objectives. To that end, we strive to work with suppliers who are leaders in their industries; are willing to uphold our core values of integrity, safety and respect; adhere to our fundamental policies and procedures and the Enbridge Statement on Business Conduct; and share our commitment to the highest standard.

In 2017, we spent more than $216.8 million with Indigenous businesses, contractors and suppliers in Canada and the U.S.

The creation of opportunities for Indigenous socio-economic participation continues to be integral to our Supply Chain Management strategies and management systems.

Community Investment

We support and engage with our communities.

Community Investment

Enbridge exists to help fuel the quality of life within communities where we work and operate. As part of our work, we support organizations that champion solutions for safety, environmental and social issues. We collaborate with community leaders to support local priorities, and we plan and implement initiatives that help improve the quality of life for residents. We also invest where we believe we can make impactful and sustainable change, and where our employees can contribute to their communities.

We made over 3,500 community-strengthening investments totaling more than $23.9 million in organizations across North America.

To see where we have been investing in Canada and U.S., please see our Community Investments 2017 Map.

Economic Benefits & Impact

We’re focused on creating value for our shareholders, generating economic opportunities and supporting our communities.

Through our consistently strong financial performance, we have steadily generated solid returns to shareholders for more than six decades. At the same time, we’ve also created positive economic impacts and opportunities that have benefited many other stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, community members and organizations, employees and governments.

We brought into service 16 major projects with a combined value of $12 billion.