How We Commit to Sustainability

  • We integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into all aspects of our business decision making and performance.
  • We proactively engage with our diverse stakeholders in order to gain better understanding of the issues most important to our stakeholders.
  • We innovate to develop new collaborative approaches to sustainability challenges.
  • We have strong governance to ensure accountability and oversight of our operations and performance.
  • We strive for transparency and robust disclosure to measure, report and evaluate our environmental and social performance.

Our core values and policies

Our CSR Policy, which has governed CSR and sustainability at Enbridge since 2004, covers business ethics and transparency; environment, health and safety; stakeholder, Indigenous and Native American engagement; employee relations; and community investment. This policy applies to the activities we undertake anywhere in the world by, or on behalf of, Enbridge and our subsidiaries and affiliates whose operations we manage.

Oversight of our sustainability policies and performance begins with our Board of Directors and executive management. Enbridge has dedicated policies, management systems, teams and senior-level accountabilities in place to address key issues facing our company and its stakeholders.

Our CSR Policy is supported by other company-wide policies including:

What Matters Most

In our Sustainability reporting, we focus on the topics of greatest interest and relevance to our stakeholders, our employees and our business—those which could substantively influence stakeholders’ assessments and decisions regarding Enbridge.

Through ongoing engagement and dialogue we’ve prioritized three foundational areas, as well as a number of areas of interest and that enable continuous improvement as a company. Despite the increased size, diversity and geographic scope of our company following our combination with Spectra Energy in 2017, these priority areas remain what matters most.

Our Sustainability Focus Areas:


Safety & Environmental Protection

  • Health & Safety
  • Maintaining the Fitness of Enbridge’s Systems & Detecting Leaks
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response


Stakeholder & Indigenous Inclusion

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Indigenous Engagement


Climate & Energy Solutions

  • Climate Change, Emissions Reduction & Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable & Low Carbon Energy