Seeking balance, encouraging diversity, and maximizing energy in the workplace

Enbridge signs Equal by 30, an international pursuit of equal pay, leadership and opportunities in energy

For the past five years, Naween Mohammed has worked at Enbridge as a pipeline scheduler.

The job requires dexterity and exceptional organizational skills, as she arranges for the seamless and timely movement of crude oil along North America’s longest and most complex pipeline network.

Mohammed is also watchful in other aspects of the job.

“I know the energy and resource sector is currently one of the least diverse in Canada and worldwide,” she says. “And on the operations side, I certainly see that.”

Today, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day—an event that hails a balanced world as a better world—Enbridge continues to demonstrate its commitment to gender equality through initiatives like Equal by 30.

In late February, Enbridge signed on to Equal by 30, an international public commitment by both public- and private-sector organizations to work toward equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the energy sector by 2030.

Mohammed, who grew up in Calgary and earned a business degree at the University of Calgary, joined Enbridge directly out of her post-secondary studies.

“I see a long-term future with Enbridge,” she says. “Working for a company that is taking steps toward a more equal and diverse workplace—like signing Equal by 30—is extremely encouraging for me as a young woman of color in a predominantly male industry.”

Mohammed is a member of Women@Enbridge, an internal employee resource group providing professional development opportunities for women across the company. Enbridge was recently named to Bloomberg’s 2019 Gender Equality Index, and we encourage diversity in our workforce because we understand that different backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives will help keep us innovative and dynamic.

“I think people work so much better when there are different and diverse perspectives in the room. We have a great team in scheduling and there’s mix of different disciplines and backgrounds,” says Mohammed. “It’s been especially encouraging seeing the different diversity and inclusion targets that have been set by the company.”

As part of Equal by 30, companies like Enbridge share specific commitments, highlight work already underway, and reveal upcoming initiatives to promote gender equality in the workplace.

“Signing Equal by 30 is a positive move forward and it’s great that we’re being vocal and public about focusing on diversity and equality in the workplace,” says Mohammed. “Hopefully, it will initiate other companies to do the same.”