We’ve had a presence in Wisconsin for 70 years.

Since 1949, Enbridge’s employees and contractors have lived and worked in communities throughout Wisconsin as colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

Being a good neighbor is a top priority for us, and we work hard to live up to that “good neighbor” status in a variety of wayseconomically, socially, and culturally. As a company, and as individuals who live and work in communities across Wisconsin, we want to make our communities safer, healthier, smarter, greener, more enriching, and more inspiring.

We place a high value on quality of life in our communities. Enbridge invests in programs, organizations, and initiatives that focus on health and safety, environment and community. In 2018, we invested more than $173,000 in community-strengthening initiatives across Wisconsin—and supported numerous not-for-profit agencies in the state--aligned to these focus areas. We also generated more than $42 million in tax revenue in 2018—dollars that can be used for schools, infraastructure (roads and bridges), health and wellness, recreation, transportation and other services that help strengthen the fabric of the community.

Our Emergency Responder Education Program equips first responders and 9-1-1 dispatchers with the essential information they need to respond in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident, through free, unlimited, online training.

And through our public awareness programs, we engage in an open dialogue with our neighbors in the communities near our projects and operations, providing pipeline safety information to the people who live and work along our pipeline routes.

Enbridge has been part of Wisconsin’s economic and social fabric for 70 years. With about 280 employees and contractors across the state, we plan on being part of it for many more.

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Enbridge's economic impact on Wisconsin
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