Famous 5 Foundation launches 2018 Enbridge Youth Awards

May 07, 2018

Famous 5 Foundation Awards

Calgary, AB -- The Famous 5 Foundation, with funding support from Enbridge, is pleased to announce the launch of their 2018 Enbridge Youth Awards to celebrate young people who are working to make a difference in our society, and to reward the hard work, determination and leadership they demonstrate. These awards help students learn more about their historical role models, and show how the past can often help us address issues we face today. There are TWO awards.

Enbridge Famous 5 Youth Leadership award (five awards of $1000) Recognizing young Canadians who are working to make a difference in our society, the Enbridge Famous 5 Youth Leadership award is open to all Canadian youth aged 15 - 20. Applicants must demonstrate leadership and ingenuity as trailblazers undertaking community initiatives that have measurable results. Initiatives must align with one of the five attribute categories of the Famous Five: resourcefulness and perseverance, strategy and bigger picture, revolutionary thinking, advocacy for women and children, or teaching and education.For more information, visit: famou5.ca/youth-leadership-award.

Enbridge History award (five awards of an Apple iPad) Designed to help young learners better understand role models from the past and show that history can teach us how to address issues faced today, the Enbridge History Award is open to all Canadian students currently in grades 4 through 9. Five questions based on scenarios accomplished by the Famous Five are posed, and students must choose one scenario for their submission. For more information, visit: famou5.ca/history-award.

The deadline for all award applications is Friday, May 25, 2018.

All submissions must be sent to admin@famous5.ca or to:
Famous 5 Foundation
C/O Emily Varga
#210, 333 24 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S 3E6

Submissions must be postmarked May 25th.

With these awards, the Famous 5 Foundation and Enbridge hope to engage school boards, community groups serving youth, and families in the awareness and discussion of the Famous 5 and how much stronger Canada is because of their actions and legacy.

About the Famous 5 Foundation
The Famous 5 Foundation is best known as an organization that celebrates women's successes and inspire them to become nation builders in the legacy of the Famous Five. The Famous 5 Foundation was established on October 18, 1996 — the anniversary of the "Persons" Case — and registered as a not-for-profit charitable corporation in 1997. The Foundation’s mission is to build a society without boundaries for women by developing the leadership skills of Canadian girls in the spirit of the Famous Five. For more information, visit: famou5.ca.

Other Famou5 national initiatives include:
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