Amazing Campaign races toward a brighter future

Enbridge Gas Distribution's 2014 United Way operation raises $2.14 million in Ontario

By Ian Garnett, Chair, Enbridge Gas Distribution’s 2014 United Way Campaign

An amazing concept, an amazing response, and an amazing result. That’s how I think back on Enbridge Gas Distribution’s United Way campaign for 2014.

This year’s EGD fall fundraising operation for United Way Toronto was christened the Amazing Campaign, and developed with Phil Keoghan’s popular TV show The Amazing Race in mind – which proved to be a fun concept to incorporate into our branding and events.

On a more serious note, there were also some great parallels that helped us demonstrate to our employees the work that United Way Toronto performs as the largest private-sector supporter of social services in the Greater Toronto Area. As we all pass through each “stage” of life, we’re faced with different obstacles to overcome. Some people in our community – even those we work with every day – face additional Road Blocks, U-Turns, and Detours that require a helping hand.

United Way EGD poker tournament 2014
Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em . . . the annual poker tournament was once again a highlight of the Enbridge Gas Distribution's United Way campaign.

The United Way is dedicated to creating the opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future. EGD’s 2014 United Way campaign, which ran from Sept. 3 to Nov. 7, focused on that need – and helping those people through challenging times, in order for them to reach their greatest potential.

EGD’s 2014 United Way campaign consisted of major fundraising events such as three regional golf tournaments, the Scotiabank Rat Race through the downtown core, a poker tournament, and the Enbridge CN Tower Climb. It was accomplished by more than 100 committee members, team leads, and volunteers, and, of course, more than 1,400 enthusiastic Enbridge employees and pensioners.

And the result was a truly amazing total of $2.14-million!

Our EGD campaign was concentrated in the Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara regions, but also stretched from Sarnia, Ont., to New Brunswick and even into upstate New York. Despite the distance between all of the business groups that make up EGD, everyone had a similar passion for wanting to help others. It was clear to me that the concept of supporting the community is ingrained into who we are as employees of Enbridge, regardless of where we work.

I was proud to represent EGD this year as the United Way campaign chair – and I can’t thank my colleagues enough for participating in the kick-off, engaging tirelessly in our events, listening to the messages, and sharing stories of their own with me.

It was Enbridge employees who truly made this an Amazing Campaign!